Recycling process

Tri-valley e-waste has been renowned in the field of recycling of the e-waste. Tri-valley e-waste makes concerted efforts to provide you the services that include recycling and remarketing so you can solely rely on Tri-valley e-waste. Some e-waste is recycled, some is thrown away, and some ends up where it shouldn’t end up. We pursue a very robust course of action to safely recycle your products.

E-waste is the most rapidly growing section of the solid waste stream that contains toxic and hazardous materials. They have potential to cause impairments to the environment which definitely affects the other parts of the world. You might be wondering that if you recycle your product, how you will be benefitted. Tri-valley e-waste increases your return on investment, which you made in your assets, by the recovering your IT assets which is waste for you at hand. So it is high time for you to plonk your e-waste into our recyclers instead of landfills.
Being our fortunate customer, you can be very sure of getting it recycled in the right manner if you have opted for our services because we carefully scrutinize the whole course of action.

Here we explain you the whole process we follow:

Initially, we gather the hazardous e-waste from your location, as soon as you place the request by entering your details on the pickup page.
We then sort the collected items so that every item can be allotted its correct ceiling value.
We don’t start the process directly; we prepare the report of the sorted items.
As per the report, we decide whether to destroy, recycle or remarket the objects.
The main basis of recycling is whether the stuff is harmful or harmless thus stopping the over-flooding of the landfills.
At the end of the process, you have the option of downloading the detailed report from the link on our website so that you can get the clear picture that what was exactly done to your material.
Thus our unblemished job ends here by making sure that everything is done in an accurate way.
The flowchart given below will help you to comprehend the whole process without a doubt: