In recent years, you can’t even imagine that at what rate the e-waste is mounting on the earth. But here we understand that you, being busy producers/manufacturers, don’t have sufficient time to take care of your e-waste disposal. You need not worry anymore, Tri-Valley e-waste, a division of Blue Star Company, is here to make you stress-free. We already have a very good track record in the field of recycling the e-waste which consists of the electronic waste like mobiles, computer peripherals etc. E-waste is useless for you but Tri-Valley e-waste sees it through a different lens. We make every effort to reuse the discarded e-waste with an intention of saving the environment.

We are proud to have a team of skillful employees who are technically sound in various spheres which are primarily required to dispose or recycle the e-waste produced by you. We are an independent and one- stop e-waste management service provider because we own a collection center and the recycling plants with unsurpassed technologies. Our endeavor will definitely contribute to the rapid economic growth of your organization.

We work until the end of the play, thus you can always hand over your tension to our experts here and we take care of it at each step. The cherry on the cake is you need not run door to door as our package includes each and every service which is required. Our experts are prepared to face any kind of glitch which is expected in the whole process. Therefore a big mass of our clients out in the market, are satisfied with our facilities.

We tag along a strict procedure to serve you better:

 Request a pickup- Firstly; as soon as you place a request for pickup by landing on our web page, we make sure that an apt collection of e-waste is done. You just need to fill the form and submit it. We reply you via email, with the other important details within no time.


Process – Tri-Valley e-waste, a certified asset disposition company, through its faultless process, will facilitate you to get your e-waste converted into the useful stuff. We consider it our moral duty to egg on our customers to go for the recycling of e-waste which they bring into being. We split the collected e-waste into the groups, depending upon whether the stuff should be destroyed or remarketed or recycled.
If the item is found of no use, we destroy it and provide you with a certificate. On the other hand, if the item is of use even to minuscule, we make efforts to get it remarketed and we share the generated profit with our customers which motivate them to go for the recycling.


Recycle- The whole process of recycling of the items goes through the intense surveillance. The recycled e-waste goes through some transformations thus, become eligible for the re-usage in various industries. It also leads to the creation of new-fangled jobs and also helps in creating a safe and sound sphere to survive. Thus Tri-valley e-waste provides expedient and out of harm’s way recycling of your e-waste following the protocols, set by various concerned organizations.

Thus, we make you realize that the stuff which you consider as e-waste is no more a waste, it is a resource ready to be reused.