About Us

Tri-Valley e-waste is a part of Blue Star Company Inc, which is progressing at an unbeatable rate since its beginning. We work here to manage the e-waste produced by you in an efficient and evocative way so that it adds more value to your organization. The security of your data is high on our priority so we dispose of your assets without trading-off the security of your information. Tri-Valley e-waste is leading in the market on the count of the experts dealing the work in here.

We kill two birds with the same stone i.e. saving our planet while advancing economic growth. We are trying to prevent the disaster that is still unfolding. So trying to take the action before the battle is lost. We provide solutions for all kind of problems related to e-waste disposal. Preservation of environment is the key to our survival on this planet and is the only factor that determines success at all levels. However, the growing menace of e-waste is acting as the countervailing force, which may offset the faster growth of the nation. Therefore, Tri-Valley e-waste is ready to serve you and save the environment. We do so by either the data destruction or recycling the waste etc. Our exclusive services provide us an edge in the market.

Our services encompass corporate employee sales, data security, data destruction, redeployment, remarketing, lease return but also the pickup and environmentally safe recycling of all types of information technology stuff. You need to make an informed decision that whether you want your e-waste to be dumped into the landfills or want to give it a proper demise. We work collectively at Tri-Valley e-waste to save the planet. You need to awaken yourself and practice mindfulness if you want to have a peaceful future on this planet.

We work here very hard to assure and maintain the trust of our clientele, which made us the connoisseur in this field. We do believe that profit in business comes from the repeat customers and we proudly boast that our customers are always satisfied with our services. Our efforts are visible in the results, which you can feel only when you have experienced our outstanding services.